Company Profile

HYbrid Energy Solutions Limited was founded in 2006 to exploit the growing market opportunity for the provision of off-grid power to the Telecoms sector.

HES 4 HYbrid Facilities

HYbrid Energy has developed a unique and innovative solution to the ongoing problem of securing easy access to cost-effective, clean sources of power.

HYbrid Energy's products range from our hybrid generator to our multi-source grid interface system. The HYbrid generator reduces fuel consumption by 50% to 80% for a standard Telecommunications base station and CO2 emissions by approximately 50 tonnes per annum. The generator is designed to accept wind and / or solar power inputs which will enable a base station to be powered entirely by renewable power whilst offering the security of supply demanded by this sector.

Our MEGA product range facilitates the efficient integration of multiple energy sources, (eg battery, wind, solar, bad grid) to provide a reliable continuous grid output isolated from transient effects on the inputs. Coupled with the ability to provide a broad range of grid system services from voltage regulation to FFR its high-speed modular architecture and ability to easily scale to 100's of MW's, this product meets and exceeds the challenges faced today by power generators and grid operators across the globe. 

HYbrid Energy is an Irish based Company with offices in Kilkenny, Dublin and Dubai and is mainly focussed in the developing countries of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Central and South America where the electricity networks are inadequate.