Customer Testimonials

  • We have looked at several hybrid solutions and have concluded successful trials with the DC Hybrid technology from HYbrid Energy Solutions Limited. They took all of our recommendations on board and adapted their solution to meet the harsh environment we experience in Qatar. We needed to ensure that the product could withstand extreme temperatures and sand storms and we were very satisfied with the results.

    Ovidiu Bogdan
    Vodafone Group - Qatar
  • Telefónica has been investing in the reduction of our internal emissions of GHGs since 2006 in particular by promoting energy efficiency and reducing the consumption of fuels in the operations of our fixed and mobile networks. To this end, we have replaced all standard generators on off-grid sites with HYbrid Energy Stations. HYbrid has allowed us to meet our corporate responsibility and sustainability policy as well as deliver operational cost savings. Furthermore, HYbrid Energy Stations are less susceptible to global fuel price fluctuations which allow us to accurately budget for our off-grid sites.

    Ray Doyle
    Infrastructure & Energy Manager, Telefonica O2 Ireland
  • Shared Access is a developer and owner of shared wireless infrastructure, specifically for the use of mobile & broadband operators. We meet many challenges securing network power due to, planning requirements, time pressures, site locations that are often remote, and local community issues. We have deployed HYbrid Energy Stations as an alternative in some instances to grid power. Their DC systems have enabled us to fulfill our operational and design standards, providing cost effective and reliable alternatives to grid supply.

    Niall Clyne
    Director of Rollout, Shared Access Ltd.
  • Tiger is a niche property consultancy company based in Europe specializing in Telecoms and Utilities. During network rollout projects, we encounter a lot of objections from the public due to contractors deploying generators whist awaiting network power connections.
    By utilizing HYbrid generators we have eliminated such complaints and the units are so quiet that they fall within strict boundary noise limits in residential areas. We also find that the National Parks and Forestry are willing to accept this option as the risk of fuel spillage is minimized.

    Chris McGrath
    CEO, Tiger International
  • Since the installation of the first HYbrid Energy Station in Spring 2009, all Meteor '’off-grid’ sites are now powered by HYbrid Energy. HYbrid’S DC generators have resulted in significant reductions to our operational costs and carbon emissions as well as improving fuel management and associated risks.

    Shane O'Neill
    Field Operations Team Lead, Meteor/Mosaic