Energy Station Overview

The HYbrid Energy Station (HES) system consists of an Engine - Battery combination with the option to supplement with wind or solar energy. The engine powers the load and charges the battery. When the battery is charged, the engine shuts down. When the battery discharges to the set level, the engine restarts.

HES 3 – HES 4 Product Overview

  • Modular design and fully automated.
  • Integrated state of the art technologies that can be monitored remotely.
  • Diesel / Gas Engine & charge alternator.
  • Lead Acid, Pure Lead or Lithium ion battery options.
  • Optional HYbrid battery management system. 
  • Preinstalled Inverter and DC distribution board.
  • Variable speed control to optimize fuel consumption at various loads.
  • Sound rating < 65dBA @ 1m.
  • Higher battery life with best in class 32 pole rare earth magnet alternator.
  • <0.01% DC output ripple.
  • Delivered in a safe and highly secure steel enclosure.

ModularEfficient Reliable Cost Effective


Value to the Customer

  • Ensures continuity of service from the Telecoms provider.
  • Optimized site infrastructure to reduce energy requirements.
  • Modular systems which increase in capacity in line with the telecoms site load demands. (1kW - 30kW)
  • Integration of solar and wind power.
  • Reduced engine run hours and fuel consumption.
  • Easy retrofit to existing Telecoms sites.
  • Remote monitoring and service support.
  • Performance monitoring and reporting.
  • Integrated Fueling Technology (hardware and software) providing security while accessing and dispensing fuel.

HYbrid Energy Station

Cost of Ownership

HYbrid's in-house expertise will help and assist when planning new off-grid sites or retrofitting existing sites. HYbrid will provide full financial planning on a $/kW basis and project manage each site enabling the Telecoms company to focus on their core business.

Services provided:

  • Site optimization or design.
  • Annual fuel consumption planning.
  • Maintenance frequency scheduling.
  • Cost of Ownership modeling.
  • Project Management.
  • Training.

Cost of Ownership and Services Provided

Your Energy Supply Partner

HYbrid provides a variety of services to support the Telecoms industry:

  • Full energy supply contract on a $/kW basis
  • Capital equipment
  • Fuel supply and management contracts
  • Service & maintenance
  • Project management
  • Equipment leasing contracts
  • Remote monitoring
  • Energy monitoring and reporting
  • Fuel management & reporting
  • Energy monitoring contracts
  • Monitor individual tower sites
  • Report any anomalies
  • Fuel monitoring & reporting


More Efficient Power

Based on a detailed site evaluation, HYbrid will provide a system to meet your optimized load and ensure maximum efficiency.


  • 50% - 80% reduction in fuel consumption.
  • 50% - 80% reduction in maintenance costs.
  • 50% - 80% reduction in operating hours.
  • Lowest lifecycle costs of any DC power supply.

Smarter .... More reliable

The HYbrid Control System provides an unprecedented control and monitoring package.


  • 24 x 7 remote monitoring and system diagnostics.
  • Deployed globally with GSM coverage.
  • Alerts and alarm indication allowing preventative measures without having to attend site.
  • Monitoring engine, alternator, battery parameters and fuel consumption.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

  • 50% - 80% reduction in CO2 emissions / CO2 Reduction (60 tonnes/year per BTS).
  • 100% Containment for all liquids.
  • Less Frequent Fuel Delivery.
  • No External Hoses / Tanks.

Field Trials Test Data - Results

Annual Savings




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