Hybrid Community Power System on Inisraher

Hybrid Community Power System on Inisraher

Maharishi Island of World Peace or Inisraher is a 30 acre private island community located in Clew Bay, Co. Mayo on the west coast of Ireland.

The island is used as a retreat where guests from all over the world come to relax and practice Transcendental Meditation in an atmosphere of good company, delicious food and pleasant surroundings.

Hybrid Energy was recently asked to supply a power solution for the island community which hosts a hostel and several residential dwellings. The diesel generator being used was very expensive to operate and required large quantities of diesel to be transported by boat and manually transported to the location. The fact that there is no regular ferry service compounds the problems and associated cost to secure a continuous and reliable power supply and the continuous noise from the generator was not in keeping with the peace and tranquillity of its surroundings.

Hybrid Energy supplied a modular Hybrid solution which included a solar array, battery bank, DC diesel generator & inverter with remote monitoring and controls. The system is completely modular and each element can be expanded as the load grows. With the installation of this system the diesel consumption for the community will be reduced by more than 60%.

Already plans are in place to expand the solar array to a 10 kW from 1kW, displacing diesel consumption as the primary power supply. In this scenario the diesel generator will only provide very short term peak power and emergency back-up power while the solar – battery will be the primary power source. Besides the obvious fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance benefits of the system the intermittent engine running of a hybrid system preserves the peaceful nature of this remote retreat.

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