Hybrid Light Tower Retrofit Project

Hybrid Light Tower Retrofit Project

Hybrid Energy have developed a cost effective retrofit for standard halogen and metal halide light towers.

The standard light towers utilize 4 x 1,000 watt metal halide or halogen light fittings and a small diesel generator which requires the engine to run when the lights are on. The units need to be switched on and off manually each evening and morning and they consume a lot of fuel. The light fittings are very fragile and are easily blown if the unit is moved or shakes when the lights are on. These factors result in an asset that is very expensive to operate and maintain and both for the Hire Company and the user.

Hybrid Energy and MW Hire engineers analyzed this problem and developed a clear plan to improve efficiency and reliability and to deliver a win- win solution for the hire company and its customer. The answer was to modify the standard light tower to become a hybrid light tower with high efficient and robust LED lights. The hybrid electric vehicle concept was adapted and a lithium Ion battery was installed together with a state of the art control system. This drastically reduced the engine run time as well as fuel and maintenance costs but also enabled remote operation which meant it was no longer necessary to switch on and off the unit manually each morning and evening.    

As well as the obvious benefits of a more robust and efficient solution there are a number of additional benefits to the Hybrid Light Tower. They include:

  • LED lights provide brighter and clearer light.
  • The light is instantaneous and doesn’t require the lamps to warm up.
  • A solar panel can be added without any extra electronic equipment which further reduces fuel and maintenance costs.
  • The unit can be moved immediately after shut down without damaging the lights whereas the original lights need to cool down before the unit can be moved.
  • The smoke from the exhaust is clearer and not black as the engine is running at its optimum load and is burning less oil.
  • The entire system performance can be monitored remotely and fuel level and engine conditions tracked through a smart-phone app. This provides a tool to remotely manage an entire fleet of towers from any location.
  • The remote capability allows the mast to be lowered if the wind is high; this provides invaluable health and safety benefits.
  • The security benefits are surprising. Not only are engineers alerted if there is a fuel theft but the GPS tracker within the controller can be used to locate the unit if it is stolen.
  • The SIM card used for the monitoring can be used to provide local WiFi services in the area. This can be invaluable on construction projects or entertainment events.
  • As the power consumed by the lights is 75% lower there is additional power available for ancillary loads.
  • Nuisance noise is reduced dramatically as the engine is running 70% less.
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