Launch of HES MEGA

Launch of HES MEGA

Hybrid Energy Solutions Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of our HES Multi-Source Energy-Services Grid Adapter, The HES MEGA.

Following extensive collaborative R&D with our strategic partners, HYbrid Energy Solutions are now proud to bring to the market our modular multi-function grid interface unit. This unit facilitates the efficient integration of multiple energy sources, (e.g battery, wind, solar, bad grid) to provide a reliable, continuous grid output isolated from transient effects on the inputs.

Coupled with the ability to provide a broad range of grid system services from voltage regulation to FFR its high-speed modular architecture and ability to easily scale to 100's of MW's, this product meets and exceeds the challenges faced today by power generators and grid operators across the globe.

With the date for our official product unveiling to be announced in the coming weeks more information is available by contacting our Ireland head office:

Phone: +353(0) 56 7702777 

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