HYbrid Energy Station put to the temperature test in Qatar

HYbrid Energy Solutions Ltd. today reinforced its leadership position in renewable energy based power generation technologies for the Telecoms industry by announcing their HES4 solution is currently on trial with a global mobile operator in Qatar.

The HES4 unit is presented with a 2.2kw solar array, DC air conditioner for battery and pure lead battery. The first unit was presented during a recent launch in Dubai and then installed on a network in Qatar. The high Summer temperatures in the Middle East region plays havoc with generators and electrical equipment and the HES4 was designed to cater for extreme temperatures. The HES4 is maintaining battery temperature at 25oC during ambient temperatures of 46oC - of 50oC by utilizing high efficiency DC air conditioners.

The HES4 is a housed in a high security enclosure and is available with lead acid or lithium ion battery. Shipments have started from HYbrid's state of the art production facility in Kilkenny Ireland to sites in Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Nigeria.


Nick McGrath, Managing Director, HYbrid Energy Solutions commented

"We were pleased to find that there were two additional benefits of fitting the solar array, the shade resulted in the air conditioner running at much lower power output due to the DC compressor and the power produced from the solar array resulted in the engine run time being mainly at night, thus running very little during peak day time temperatures. The peak daytime temperatures is the main cause of generator and rectifier failures in this region and causes the most disruption and downtime to the mobile network."

HYbrid Energy Solutions manufactures modular energy stations designed to provide efficient power supplies for the passive infrastructure on all off grid telecoms sites. Shipments have started from HYbrids' state of the art production facility in Ireland to Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Nigeria.




For more information regarding this press release or about HYbrid Energy Solutions, please contact: Joy Redmond; joy@hybrid.ie or +353 56 770 2777


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