HYbrid's power generation technologies based on renewable energy provide reliable and cost effective off-grid power solutions for the Telecoms industry.


In order to meet licensing coverage requirements and revenue targets, Telecom operators typically fast track the construction and integration of new base stations into their networks. This, however, poses difficulties for the electricity supply companies who are regularly unable to meet these challenging deadlines due to network limitations (inability to extend their power network to remote areas) or due to planning or local issues.

In these situations the Telecoms companies utilize a temporary power system. In some cases, Telecoms companies will never gain access to a grid supply and the temporary power supply becomes the permanent power supply.

Why Telecoms?

  • Global demand for reliable off-grid power solutions.
  • Energy accounts for up to 60% of network operating expense.
  • High growth in data traffic in developed world, smart phones.
  • High growth in voice traffic in developing world.
  • Need for further investment in networks.
  • Falling ARPU driving efficiency and OPEX squeeze.
  • New technology driving down energy demand.
  • Making existing diesel generators less efficient.
  • Corporate policies to reduce carbon footprint.