Why Use DC Generators?

DC Generator Exploded View

Utilising a DC generator at its core, the HYbrid Energy Station (HES) provides a highly efficient means of charging a battery and storing energy eliminating the need to oversize the generator for battery charging applications.

  • Most BTS operate at 48 volts DC.
  • By powering the BTS at 48 volts DC you can remove the site rectifiers.
  • This eliminates a large source of heat within the site cabin.
  • Thus reducing cooling demand and energy usage.
  • Generator will not overload when charging batteries.
  • Therefore the engine size can be matched to load size.
  • Improves efficiency by 40%.
  • Electric radiator offers even higher efficiency.


The core element within a fuel efficient hybrid system is a 32 pole permanent magnet generator.

The unique design offers:

  • Extremely high reliability (MTBF at 100,000 hours).
  • High efficiency (85% to 94%).
  • Extremely low DC voltage ripple (<5mV).
  • Lightweight and compact design.